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Build a groundswell of support for the voiceless.

Be A Guardian!
guardian (noun) guard·i·an /ˈɡärdēən/: a defender, protector, or keeper.

We are Guardians. We protect and restore the wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and health of the American West. We envision a world where wildlife and wild places are respected and valued and our world is sustainable for all beings. We believe in nature’s inherent right to exist and thrive. We speak for the wild life, places, and waters that have been dominated and abused to serve the interests of a greedy few. Bit by bit, we are restoring the balance.

To build a movement that is A FORCE FOR NATURE requires growing, mobilizing, organizing, and activating like-minded people. Be a Guardian and help build that groundswell!

How to Be A Guardian


Cultivate change by being a voice for the voiceless.

Activist Toolkits

Deepen your advocacy with issue specific Activist Toolkits.

We Are Guardians

Your story inspires others—learn how.


The bigger our community, the bigger our impact!

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Activist Tool Kits

Our activist tool kits are custom made for Guardians like you and designed to help you amply your voice about critical issues at critical times. The tool kits include tips on writing a letter to the editor and ready-to-go social media posts, complete with images and action alert links. All you have to do is “grab-n-go” to help raise awareness and make a big difference.

We Are Guardians

Your personal activism story is inspiring and a powerful tool to help build a movement of fellow Guardians. Want to share your story as a blog post? Maybe you prefer a photo essay? Savvy with social media? Perhaps you’d like to show up at a virtual event as a panelist? We’d love to work with you to craft a communications piece that showcases your commitment to the Wild and inspires others Guardians to take action in their own way. Here’s an example. Reach out to our Communications Director with your ideas and interest.